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How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. products resonate with children so they build life skills and self worth while playing.

Behavior education is supposed to be done at home.  Most parents/guardians (and even teachers) are not behavioral specialists and/or do not have the time or expertise to create positive reinforcement behavior education processes or materials.  We solved this issue for over 65+ behaviors!

Kids and guardians love our materials.

Materials educate and strengthen manners, social etiquette, good citizenship, how to deal with bullying, conflict resolution, friendship skills, and more.

A significant amount of a person’s behavior is formulated by the age of 8.  People with relationship skills usually achieve greater success and live a higher quality of life.

Our wonderfully illustrated, expertly authored, materials help all children – whether they are gifted, average, or have disabilities.

Using our materials result in healthier relationship skills with oneself, family, friends, and the community.

Products are great for gifts… they give the gift of knowledge.

Our products are easy to use and affordable to all (only $14.95 per product.  Re-sellers receive 20% commission on all orders sold).

There is no cost for becoming a How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. re-seller.  Re-sellers will be assigned affiliate links that they can forward to their audience simply and easily.

If you are seeking a wonderful opportunity in life to genuinely help others (both children and guardians), and you are ethical to the highest degree, then this is the opportunity for you.

Complete fulfillment support is included for all products.

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Thank you for helping us make the world a better place by helping one child at a time.