Polly The Parrot Behavioral Learning Kit

How to Be Good Behavioral Learning Kit, Ages 4 and up. (Polly the Parrot Edition)

This award winning behavior education kit is filled with fun interactive positive reinforcement materials that helps build a solid foundation for your children to do well and be happy in life.

The products are designed by behavioral therapists and top educators to help children and students build self-esteem and life skills needed to have successful interpersonal relationships with family and friends in school, sports, activities, and the community.

We live in a social society, and people with emotional intelligence and social skills have a strong foundation for success and happiness in life.

The products include:

There are goal planning worksheets and behavior tracking charts, 900+ gold star behavioral reward stickers, lesson plans & templates, flashcards that detail exact words and actions to use, fun rhymes, helpful tips and more.

Be proactive, not reactive! These Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) educational materials engage children and help to focus expectations and to establish behavioral routines, strengthening and expanding manners, listening skills, social skills, friendship skills, good citizenship, conflict resolution, knowing how to deal with bullying, safety and other life skills.

The materials are for gifted, average, or children that have disabilities. The content helps children/students improve self-awareness, self-management, impulse control, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills.

The kit is a great holiday, Christmas, birthday or back to school gift.

The hand illustrated water colored characters are animals themed to allow for year round use.

This behavior education kit can also be used by counselors and family therapists as a useful resource for cognitive behavioral therapy exercises. The kit is a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). A tier 1 & tier 2 intervention, which supports the philosophy of restorative practices.

If you are looking for the perfect interactive way to get your child off electronics and excited about learning proper social behavior, this behavior kit is just what you need.