Children’s Picture Books

Apollo’s Apology Picture Book in Polly the Parrot and Santa Version


Apollo’s Apology is a fun story about Apollo the ape learning to treat others the same as he wants to be treated.  He learns the importance of being aware of other people’s feelings and property and to “apologize when you do something wrong so you can start fresh and get along.”

This picture book is designed for children ages four and up, is full of lovable characters, colorful illustrations, and has an engaging story-line.

There is an enrichment page to extend the learning.  The enrichment activities are versatile and can be used at home, at school, for one child, or an entire group.

We live in a social environment and learning manners, social etiquette, good citizenship, and other life skills leads to a happier and higher quality of life for all.

This is our first picture book.  Our plan is to build a library of picture books, with each book centering around a particular behavior.  The picture book(s) integrate with the goal planning & behavior tracking worksheets, the gold star reward stickers for each behavior, and the flashcards that further educate each behavior with words and actions to use, helpful tips, and roll playing questions.

children's picture books

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s children’s picture books help build life skills