Children’s Flashcards

How To Be Good Flashcard Set 1 comes in either a Santa or Polly the Parrot version and includes:

Each flashcard includes:

  • An individual behavior lesson
  • Wonderfully illustrated animal character(s) that resonates with children
  • Expertly written exact words & actions for good behavior
  • Or exact words & actions for reacting good even when others act badly (These have a core message that just because others act badly, it is not a reason to act badly in return.)
  • Rhyme for behavior
  • Real life helpful tip(s)
  • Role playing question
  • Greeting People Nicely
  • Being Polite
  • Being Friendly
  • Saying Please and Thank You
  • Being a Good Listener
  • Telling the Truth
  • Giving Good Feedback
  • Encouraging Others
  • Being a Good Brother
  • Being a Good Sister
  • Complimenting Others
  • Being Kind and Helpful to Pets
  • Taking Care of Your Hair
  • Good Use of Time
  • Saying Excuse Me
  • Making Your Bed
  • Picking Up Your Toys
  • Handling Emergency Situations
  • Recycling
  • Good Reaction To Littering
  • Good Reaction To Bullying
  • Good Reaction To Teasing
  • Good Reaction To Arguing
  • Good Reaction To Destroying Property
  • Good Reaction To Fighting
  • Good Reaction To Hitting
  • Good Reaction To Being Loud
  • Good Reaction To Pushing
  • Good Reaction To Playing Too Rough
  • Good Reaction To Someone Being Selfish
  • Good Reaction To Rolling Eyes

How To Be Good Flashcard Set 2 comes in either a Polly the Parrot or Santa version and includes:

  • Being Kind
  • Helping Others
  • Being Healthy
  • Sharing
  • Asking Permission
  • Taking Turns
  • Being a Good Sport
  • Apologizing
  • Inviting Left Out Children To Play
  • Writing Thank You Cards
  • Being Eager To Participate or Help
  • Using Good Grammar
  • Doing Homework
  • Being Quiet During Movies
  • Making Good Eye Contact
  • Persevering
  • Being Quiet
  • Brushing Your Teeth
  • Telling the Truth
  • Good Reaction To Eavesdropping
  • Good Reaction To Criticizing
  • Good Reaction To Yelling
  • Good Reaction To Badmouthing
  • Good Reaction To Bragging
  • Good Reaction To Cheating
  • Good Reaction To Complaining
  • Good Reaction To Interrupting
  • Good Reaction To Rudeness
  • Turning Off Lights

How To Be Good flashcards are fun, interactive, portable, and an efficient way to help children learn “the secrets” for how to be good for over 60+ individual behaviors.

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Our children’s behavioral flashcards appeal to visual learners. Over half of all children are said to have this type of learning intelligence.

These children’s flashcards help build the following skills: memory, association, verbal, cognitive, interaction, listening, and more.

For naughty behaviors:

  1. We don’t teach children to be naughty.
  2. We teach “just because other people act badly, it is not a reason to react naughty in return.”
  3. We share real words and action to use to help with conflict resolution.

Therefore we teach “Good Reaction To” (bad behaviors) and only provide the proper social behavior words and actions to use.

These educational flashcards are versatile and offer various learning/study methods. For example,  you can shuffle or organize the order, stress certain behaviors or tips, and play memory & role-playing games.

  • Memory games – The more children use the cards, the more the right and wrong behavior is ingrained in their brains.
  • Role-play a story for each card or multiple cards.
  • Share a card when on the spot behavior coaching is needed.
  • Charades – Act out the behaviors in a fun way without offending others during non stressful times.
  • Start a tradition – Countdown to Christmas while seeing how many nice traits and tips your child uses prior to Christmas Day. Use in correlation with Monthly Behavioral Tracking.
  • Chart your child’s behavior using the Custom Gold Star Reward Stickers.

These fun, interactive flashcards can be used as stand-alone products or in conjunction with the How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. goal planning worksheets, weekly worksheets, monthly behavior tracking chart, gold star reward stickers, activity books, picture books, and other products.


How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.'s behavior tracking worksheets help build life skills

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s behavior tracking worksheets help build life skills