Personalized Letters from Santa

What child doesn’t love a letter from Santa? Here at How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. we have an inside track with the man in charge.

Our personalized Santa letters serve as fun and exciting positive behavior reinforcement tools that build self worth and big smiles.


When you fill out the “Positive Behavior Message” on the form to complete your letter…use past tense verbiage for the positive behavior…for example “picked up your toys” or “were nice to your sister”. Since you have unlimited free downloads once you access the form – look at the letter and make sure it reads well prior to printing and giving to your child(ren).

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s “Letters From Santa” are great to use all year round.  You can use these letters anytime throughout the year to help break through educational barriers for coaching specific good behavior (don’t over use them – or they will lose some of the impact).

personalized letters from Santa

Personalized letters from Santa materials