PR: Flashcards Help Being Good For Santa in a Flash!

Flashcards Help Being Good For Santa in a Flash!

Children Eagerly Learning How To Be Good with Flashcard

With Christmas right around the corner, How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. is launching 2 sets of behavioral flashcards for children ages 4-8 constructed to build memory, verbal, cognitive, and other learning skills for over 65+ behaviors.  Each flashcard is illustrated with animal characters that resonate with children and  include exact words and actions to use, a fun rhyme, real life helpful tips, and a role playing question to help with cognitive learning.

The flashcards give the gift of knowledge for how to deal with bullying as well as promoting intellectual and personal growth while drawing universal truths about manners, social etiquette, good citizenship, and more.  The goal is to strengthen and expand positive proper social behavior for children in family, academic, recreational, community, and other settings resulting in building life skills and self-worth.

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Easy to Use

The foundation of behavioral and social development in persons is formulated by the age of 8.  Most parents or guardians are not professional behavioral educators and do not have the time or expertise to design education products that resonate with children while coaching proper social behavior.  How To Be Good For Santa expertly solves this issue.  Additional interactive educational products include free goal planning and behavior tracking worksheets, custom gold star reward stickers, activity books, picture books, and more.  Having multiple products, using the same characters and messaging keeps children engaged while they have fun learning.

Why “Be good for Santa”

To be good for goodness sake, not because Santa or anyone is watching and not expecting presents in return. Visit for more information.

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