how to deal with bullying materials

how to deal with bullying

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s how to deal with bullying supplies help build social and life skills

How to be good for Santa, Inc. specializes in how to deal with bullying.

Brutus the Bull and Danger Ranger flashcards coach the following actions when you see or experience bullying:

  1. Always protect yourself
  2. Leave the area quickly and go to a safe place
  3. Tell a TRUSTED adult
  4. Never say mean things back to a bully, that could make the situation worse not better

Our children’s educational mission is to inspire, engage, and empower children’s behavioral competencies.   Our products make learning life skills, and building self worth, kid friendly fun.

Our how to deal with bullying and other educational materials give the gift of knowledge.  They are positive reinforcement behavioral coaching tools that help guardians coach manners, social etiquette, good citizenship, anti-bullying, relationship skills, responsible decision making, conflict resolution, goal planning and behavior tracking, handling emergency situations, and other life lessons.

A significant amount of a person’s behavioral foundation is formulated by the age of eight.  Most parents, and other guardians, are not positive reinforcement behavior specialists and do not have the capabilities to put together  how to deal with bullying  materials that resonate with children.  How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s products solve this problem.

Although our company name is How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. most products are animal themed, not Santa or Christmas themed, so they can be used year-round.

Messaging is designed to educate children to be good for goodness sake, not because Santa or anyone else is watching or because presents are expected, to treat others as you want to be treated and just because others act badly is not a reason to act naughty in return.

Our  how to deal with bullying materials result in children (and guardians) strengthening and expanding proper social behavior in self, family, academic, recreational, community, and public settings.

The  how to deal with bullying are easy to use educational products that are perfect for parents, step-parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers, day care centers, nannies, baby sitters, and all other guardians.  The products are portable and simple to use so they can be used on the go or as bridging tools to help ensure your children are receiving positive reinforcement while in the care of other guardians.

Using our fun interactive  how to deal with bullying materials help set expectations and establish routines.  Both children and guardians enjoy and appreciate our easy to understand products that make learning fun via wonderfully illustrated characters and expertly authored materials.

The flashcards are the foundation of the education, the goal planning and behavior tracking worksheets, gold star reward stickers, activity books, picture books, and other products help with learning and retention.  Using multiple methods with consistent messaging keeps children engaged and having fun while learning.

Our How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. Kit makes it fast and easy to have all the initial products needed to successfully coach your children for over 65 behaviors.  When ordering the kit the individual products are discounted 50% from the already reasonable price of only $14.95 per product!   Improving your children’s life skills so they live a happier and higher quality of life is priceless.

how to deal with bullying

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s how to deal with bullying supplies help build life skills and self worth