Flash of Genius from 7 Year Old Starts Big Business!

How To Be Good For Santa Children’s Educational Materials Was a 7 Year Olds Idea

How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.‘s positive reinforcement children’s educational materials business idea came from Lauren Alexa Weiner when she was only 7 years old when she was building an online bookstore in a SIMs game.  Read more  about Lauren’s idea and how it became big business at Us.  They are trying to make a positive difference one child at a time.

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Most parents, and other guardians, are not professional positive reinforcement behavioral specialists and do not have the time or expertise to design wonderfully illustrated and skillfully authored behavior educational materials that resonate with their child(ren).  How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. expertly solves these issues.

“We on-boarded behavioral specialists, illustrators, authors, graphic artists and other professionals to develop materials that give the gift of knowledge for manners, proper etiquette, good citizenship, bullying, and other topics that result in building life skills and self-worth.  We created over 65 fun animal characters and integrated them into goal planning and behavior tracking worksheets, custom gold star reward stickers, informative flashcards, interactive activity books, picture books, and other educational materials with the goal of strengthening and expanding positive proper social behavior for children in family, academic, recreational, community, and other settings.  We used fun animal characters so the materials could be used year round.”  Jordan T. Weiner loving father/co-founder of How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.

Free Downloads

There are free goal planning worksheets and behavior tracking charts available via downloads.

There are also free personalized letters from Santa & Santa’s Nice List also available via downloads.


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